Victim Liaison Conference

Victim Liaison Conference
Mediation Support -Restorative Technology Ltd presentation followed this one on 15th July 2011

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Communities taking responsibility for the riots and crime in their area via YouTube, and twitter-fed Restorative Justice initiative in London

The title of this blog post is the front page of the Evening Standard that I am envisioning. Pipe dream? Maybe? Worth working on further; you bet!
Here, from 2010, is the start of the first iteration:

Jailbrake 2010 from The People Speak on Vimeo.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Open and honest project review

Reporting back to NESTA on the Reboot Britain project Common Ground (as at which became SafeGround which was put in place in Devon Youth Offending Team as SafeSpace

What undermined the potential success of a prize-winning idea:
1) Low confidence by the pilot site's staff in the technology being straightforward enough & working well
2) Low levels of creativity in its use & an insufficiently shared vision by pilot site staff to prioritise its use above competing demands on the time of those staff.
3) A deficit either of active promotion by pilot site staff to users of the benefits or of the agreed record keeping about to whom it was being offered to & what their response was.
4) Unwillingness by the staff to change working practices so that those victims and offenders wanting to communicate are not necessarily accompanied in each stage of this communication by the physical presence of a mediator/ restorative justice practitioner.
5) A user group (victims and offenders) with a generally low level of commitment to communication with the related victim(s)/offender(s) for “their crime”.
6) A Restorative Technology Limited “Team” without the strength, focus, flexibility & resources to adjust well to the above factors.

And here's the fuller review of this first Restorative Technology Ltd  innovation in victim-offender-community-communication.
Thomas Edison tried many times before getting the electric light bulb good enough....

Restorative Technology Ltd mock recording of victim's concerns for uploading: