Victim Liaison Conference

Victim Liaison Conference
Mediation Support -Restorative Technology Ltd presentation followed this one on 15th July 2011

1st Anniversary Pier Fire Public Meetings

Here are some of the videos shown at the Public Meetings around the 1st Anniversary of the Pier Fire in Hastings. (The fire was on 5th October 2010 -see

PAUL WELCOMES THE ATTENDEES  & the two group introductions - a police officer and a foreigner from Hastings

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1) Maria Arpa

2) Burning Bridges [The 35 minute film from the IIRP]

[& see]
3) Discussing the viewpoint that "Restorative Justice is no alternative to Justice"

4)Jo Nodding on Restorative Justice

6) Police Community Resolutions and the idea of a community bridging fund:

The films recorded at the 5th October meeting:
Film 1 of 4 (at top of this page)
Film 2 of 4:

Film 3 of 4:

Film 4 of 4:

"St Leonards Sharing" Objectives
The “St Leonards Sharing” Consortium exists to generate optimum partnerships which deliver services in St Leonards on Sea that:

Generate creativity in relation to how St Leonards becomes a more “caring and sharing place”.
Increase interaction between people who do not ordinarily meet, such that greater understanding and trust is built.
Share resources within the community, not least of which is the encouragement of privately owned resources to be increasingly made available to others in the community by promoting initiatives such as streetbank etc and making resources offered on-line more accessible to those who do not use the internet.
To creatively address the significance of the pier fire -working with the core values of truth, choice, reparation and reintegration of all involved into peaceful co-existence. (St Leonards Sharing Consortium member websites based on the pier fire issues include &
Encourage the recognition, development and offering of skills in the community through the process of timebank brokerage, or similar initiatives.
Promote wellbeing, initially with reference to the “5 ways of wellbeing” as published by the New Economics Foundation and combining these with learning from the St Leonards Community in the development of local wellbeing groups
Share understanding of ways to work constructively with difference and empower people in handling their own differences with others such that 'systemic win' is in mind, opening up possibilities not just for 'win-win' between individuals but also for a stronger community for having worked through and learned from the differences between individuals.
Encourage the development of local community-based caring structures, enabling individuals to have more choice in how their care needs are met.

Present membership of the Consortium

“St Leonards Sharing” Consortium

This organisation presently has five member organisations:

Freelending CIC
promoting sharing between households & recognised as a leader in it's field by possibly the leading sustainability think tank: “Forum for the Future”

Mediation Support Ltd
A not-for-profit organisation, built on experience of working within the national charity for supporting mediation in the community, providing a range of innovations in community engagement.

Restorative Technology Ltd
arising out of the winning project of “The Social Innovation Camp 2010” (judged by representatives from the Youth Justice Board, Police Improvement Agency, Prison Reform Trust & Foyer Housing federation)

Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness
The leading local group in a new national organisation for promoting the wellbeing agenda, in terms of personal actions and community action.

The Centre for Peaceful Solutions

A charity providing “Dialogue Road map” training in St Leonards, built on work with the founder of the nonviolent communication process, on work in schools, on conflict clinics, on divorce mediation work and preventing gang violence and (gun) murder in the London Borough of Brent. The centre for Peaceful Solutions was initially established with Treasury “Invest to Save” funding.

The Roomz, Western Rd, St Leonards
2012 Anniversary: